I am now an #entreporn star

Looking at my the Google Analytics report for my blog yesterday, I’m startled. About two thousand page views – that’s news for me and this humble blog. How can it be? Is there a sudden craze for News Anchor? Denial of Service Attack? (fortunately this blog is hosted on Blogspot, so I just blindly trust Google about securing it). Probably Justin Bieber said something about my blog?


Then looked deeper into the report, and finally found out what actually happened.

Apparently it was HackerNews.

It looks like those entreporn enthusiasts got caught in my snarky definition about lifestyle business. I don’t know whether to be proud or ashamed, now that I’m an amateur entreporn star.


“Wait a minute, are you saying that HackerNews audience are entreporn addicts?!” You might exclamate. Before I answer that, let’s go down to the data.

First just look at the unbelievable spike of page views for that post. It is rated at almost seven thousand page views within a few days as opposed to the second-ranked article at 154 page views after two years (the third row, skipping the home page). Not to mention that this second-ranked article is referenced in Wikipedia.


The entreporn-junkie connection? Just look at the average time on the page. Eleven seconds of drive-by reading on average and almost half of them exits looking for the next entreporn clip (or perhaps I should say hacker-porn?). These hackers are just looking for something sensational to click on. Almost none are interested in my products. If this kind of traffic happens on any of my shared-hosting sites, it would be quite costly – immensely high hit rate that isn’t proportionally followed by an increase in conversions.


So apparently HackerNews is just a crowd-sourced tabloid for entreporn – porn that is safe for work. Just like The Huffington Post or STOMP for hackers.

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5 thoughts on “I am now an #entreporn star

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  2. Having looked at the target post I can certify that's I can read it AND close the tab (slightly disappointed of having forever lost those seconds) under 11 seconds.

  3. Your products are also nearly impossible to find from your blog.

    I would fix that.

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