Getting ideas and talking about it

Luck Surface Area

Jason Roberts once said that telling people about what you are doing is equally important as actually doing it. Because telling and doing forms the two bases in a vector space called the luck surface area. In plain English, these two creates a fishing net that allows you to catch the fish (i.e. “luck”) that travels in your way. The bigger your net is, the more fish that you can catch. Communicating your ideas also helps you to get in contact with your potential customers and allows you to pivot earlier before writing several thousand lines of code.

So as of now, here are our current ideas that we are working on (I mean “we” as in Basil Salad Software). Some of them may eventually become real products whereas some others may be just ideas.

  • GroupSale – A web service for you (as merchants) to create your own ad-hoc group buying event.
  • Chores – Make housework as exciting like MafiaWars or other MMORPG.
  • QR Genie – Manage and organize your physical advertising hyperlinks with your virtual presence.
  • Resonate – Automatically maintain presence in Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks.
  • Time Fairy – Emergent time tracking software, 100% off-line for the Mac.


If you’re interested in any of these, please let us know. There is a signup form in each of those pages so that you can vote on an idea that you like.


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