Social Media Presence

“Out of sight, out of mind” – an old saying goes. But if you were retrenched, being out of mind is likely the last thing that you want.

Social media isn’t always about showing who had the prettiest meal or who went to the best vacation. Some people found success thanks to strategic use of social media. One of my colleagues back in 2019 won his job back out of a retrenchment season thanks to his effective use of social media to engage his supporters.

Then what’s the right way to engage in social media? How can you properly present your best self on the Internet?

Watch my presentation for Toastmasters Pathways, Innovative Planning, Level 4: “8400 Building a Social Media Presence” to find out more.

Purpose Statements

  • The purpose of this project is for the member to apply his or her understanding of social media to enhance an established or new social media presence.
  • The purpose of this speech is for the member to share some aspect of his or her experience establishing or enhancing a social media presence.

Video Recording



This won a “Best Speaker” award that night.

Best Speaker Award

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