The iPad doesn’t need an Indonesian manual!

Two guys were arrested in Indonesia and sentenced to prison for selling a few iPads. The reason? Because the iPad doesn’t have an Indonesian-language manual. This is among the things that makes me embarrassed of my own country. It’s even more retarded than the case where the TSA caused a MacBook Air owner to miss a flight.

Well, Mr/s Police-person and Mr/s Judge, there are two reasons why the iPad doesn’t have an Indonesian manual. First reason is that the iPad doesn’t even need a manual. The one-page leaflet that comes with every iPad barely qualifies as a manual. The second reason is that the iPad can speak Indonesian, you only need to tell it to.

Here is how you can change the iPad system language to Indonesian.

  1. Open the Settings application (the gray gears icon)
  2. Select General (in the left pane), the right pane will show some options
  3. Select International (in the right pane when General is selected)
  4. Select Language. A popup will show with list of languages.
  5. Scroll down and select “Bahasa Indonesia”.
  6. Tap on “Done”.
  7. Wait for a while, it takes about a minute to set the language.

The iPad now speaks Indonesian. Furthermore these same steps also applies to the iPhone and iPod touch.

When you set the system language to Indonesian, all the built-in applications will be in that language. Of course for third party applications it’s up to the developer to add Indonesian-language support (by the way, my Speech Timer app does support Indonesian when that is set as the system language).

Happy 66th birthday Indonesia! Merdeka!

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